Why do people tell me not to worry about relationships?

I mean like a lot of people i know tell me not to they say wait till your in your late 20s enjoy your life before getting into a relationship and that it sounds stupid to me because dating isn't easy when you in your late 20s because a lot of people are taken have kids single or engaged.

I am finding it hard as it is because of a serious girlfiend cheating on me and getting with a new boyfriend like i ment nothing like i was garbage the amount of times I have tried getting a serious girlfriend again has failed and now I give up on it mostly because of all the rejection and effort im putting in but none of the women I date make the effort.

It has been two years since I had proper girlfriend and after every time I tried it failed and now I dont see the point.


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  • Because ure right at the age of having fun,

    Relationships are overrated at ur age, hell I even think it's overrated at mine.

    Ure at the age of partying, so go out and whore ur self. It's the way to live it

    I attend every fest as much as I can, meet and socialize with as many as I can.

    Do everything so u won't ever look back and think "wished I would've done that"

    Speaking of fest, EDC is this weekend if ure local its a must


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  • You're way too young to be worry about it age your age. Have fun. Date. Learn what you like, what you want. Work on your career. Make friends. Travel.

    You have plenty of time.


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  • personally i agree somehow... i'm in my mid-20s and i'm like "nah i'm still a kid 4 it" LOL