Why are guys confusing?

I really like someone but I can't read him because we decided we weren't going to hook up anymore because he does not want a relationship and I kind of do... but he is still texting me and I really like him. I want to stand my ground and not hook up with him but it's going to be hard because I really do like him a lot. Also.. we've been hooking up the past 7 months. (no sex though)

I am just confused as to what he wants because he keeps texting and calling me even though we decided we wouldn't hook up because I told him I don't want to get any more emotionally attached than I already am. Why are guys confusing sometimes!? I wish he'd just tell me what he wants.


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  • guys actually make things more difficult than what thay are they can't just say what's on their mind then they put thing on us that we are the ones that make things more complicated, I really don't know what to tell you I was like that but I was able to talk to the guy after a while

  • f*** what he wants. what do YOU want? its clear that you want a relationship so stand your ground. if he knows that you want a relationship then he can either make it official with you or he wont. but if he doesn't then don't continue to waste anymore time with him. don't let him play games with you, its either relationship or nothing