Met Guy on Tinder, had a date and good convos. I want to ask him if there is "anything there" but he is still pretty active on Tinder :/?

I met this guy on Tinder (i know bad idea...) but he sent me his number saying "text me if you want to get to know me." I did and we had great convos. I actually went to his house 30 mins away and we talked for awhile while we watched game of thrones (No kiss and i didn't want to since we just met).

Since then he has texted me every day (past four days) asking me how my day was. i kind of want to know what he thinks of me. he is 24 and i am 22. im new to the dating scene so i have no clue how to do this stuff lol. what do you think? I have only known him for legit a week but i won't see him for the next week since ill be away in aruba. is it too soon to ask? I dont want to waste time on him if he only thinks of me as a friend

But even though he does talk to me like this, I still see that he is active on Tinder. I only want a serious relationship and no side chick action. Is it worth asking him if he thinks there is anything "with us" later on... since I don't want to waste time with a friendship

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  • For some reason I took is "anything there" as you asking about his penis size, there's something wrong with me apparently lol.

    Honestly Tinder has a rep as a hook up site, so I would ask and make things clear if you're wanting more with anyone you meet from there. Better to get it out of the way and find something that's more of what you want.


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  • He only wants to sleep with you. That's the main reason guys go to Tinder in the first place is for hook-ups only.


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  • you should ask him.

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