Girls who would choose? A tall, dark and handsome criminal/gangster, or a short, white and baby faced policeman?

Would you choose the 'bad boy' disorganised criminal type, or the 'nice guy'/good guy type who's honest and not overly selfish.

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  • I'd move into the light
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  • I'd have a three-way / see answers
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Anyone have an answer? Do you think things are black and white? Or shades of grey?
Anyone have an opinion? It's not that hard a question...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls don't like to admit it, some have even made themselves believe their subconscious instincts have no sway over their attraction, but they love bad boys, and you're also making him physically ideal? I'd say at least 95% would go for A if the choice came across them in real life.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I mean if the short white policeman were attractive to me...

    • But if he was average looking you'd take the other guy?

    • I wouldn't take the criminal nor would I take someone I wasn't attracted to, God forbid.

  • I'd be the spirit of generosity and go for option c. I'm sure there'd be an interesting dynamic between the two of them. I could sit back and be the happy recipient. Win - win.

    • Which orifice would you assign each of them?

    • That's way too TMI.

What Guys Said 2

  • This dichotomy is unfair girls want a hot bad boy that's still sweet and loving to them

    • Yeah, but I'm talking about what exists, not what they want.

  • Why does the police have to be white...

    • Same reason Luke was.

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