Signs that a girl likes you?

how to know if a girl likes you?


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  • The way she looks at you with her eyes. She will smile at you a lot. She will talk to you a lot.

    • buy what if she smiles at me but we sont really talk a lot?

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    • I see, thank you guru i followed you already and I'll message you as soon as i hit xper 2

    • Awesome bro

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  • if she keeps saying things like "we should hang out" and "wanna bring me candy" just stupid hints like that

    • Well you see, this girl is confusing sometimes i think she dont like me and sometimes i think she does. I don't know when we're gathered in the class room and i put my hand in her chair she's like wanting to touch it a little bit

    • yea she likes you she's just nervous is all.

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  • When you have money, height, and good looks.