How do I approach a girl surrounded by girls?

I have this friend on facebook, we text sometimes. I recently started Maths and today was my first class. I went into class and I found her. She did see me but I pretended I didn't notice her (Idiot me). I would have approached her if only she wasn't like surrounded by 6-7 girls, if I approach her I would have to meet and greet with the other girls too which I'm not interested in. What do I do? :3


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  • go up to her and her friends and say hi to everyone but tap the girl you like on the shoulder. When you leave the group smile at the girl.


    approach her when she's alone or in lessons, their will be a time

    good luck!! x


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  • Overcome your fear & reach for the girl (keeping cool & all your senses intact). Starting the conversation is upto you; whether you begin with taking all girls into consideration first & her being the second or vice versa... what's really important is to use a topic related to the present/current situation that really do make sense... ;)

    #All_the_best (y)