Is this a turn off? Did I look desperate?

Long story short, he's been my casual relationship. We dated quite a lot of times and we already had sex. I felt that my feelings are growing so before that, I asked him if he is dating other girls. He said yes he is and that he just wants casual relationships for now. I got hurt so I sent him a message that im backing off. He respected my decision without saying anything. Basically, he just let me go.

I reflected on my message so i sent him another message if we can hangout again next time. He agreed. We planned to hangout when he comes back from his home country. Now he is back but seems not very keen like before. It will be almost a week now since he's back but i haven't heard from him.

Maybe in his mind, I was the first one to back off, so why would still he be eager. Is this the case? Im planning to wait a bit more like a week or two - is this enough time to really know that he already lost interest?


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  • Sounds like he had more options so not going to chase after you. My advice, don't wait, ask him directly. if he still cares he'll meet up, if not at least now you know and can go after someone else

    • 3 days after he came back, i sent him message first. He said he lost his phone while he was on vacation. He also asked how i am. I replied to that, i asked how did he loose his phone and that im ok and been busy. He didn't reply to that anymore. Its been 2 days now. But to be fair with him, he was sending me messages whenever he plans to meet me. He's not the type to ask hows my day have been. i honestly dont want to message him again. I dont want to look any more desperate. What do you think?

    • He might be busy, 2 days is nothing in the grander scheme of things. Sounds like he still cares. I wouldn't get too annoyed and push him about losing his phone. Maybe suggest something specific to do that he likes doing (maybe something you've done in the past together) and set a day and time. If you're seriously concerned he's not interested just ask him up front. If he tells you straight you know, if he hesitates he's probably lying

    • How can you say that he still cares? Yeah. I dont really care about the phone. I just asked it out of curiosity. I was the one who suggested to hangout when he comes back, it means he should tell me when he is free right? I dont really want to raise the topic of hanging out again. If he wants to catch up, he would at least be interested to text somehow but seeing that he didn't reply to me... guess he found more interesting girl..

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  • it looks like he did lose his interest

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