Is this a date?

When he found out in the morning that it was my birthday, he insisted on waiting for me to finish work. We work next door to each other. I told him there will be a storm later in the evening but he insisted that he wants to wait. I said fine. After work, he asked to take me out for wine and dinner. I wasn't expecting that, I thought he just wanted to talk. Anyway, I said yes and he took me to a place for a glass of wine. He ordered the most expensive wine in the menu too. Later, we went next door for some gourmet pizza. It's not very fancy but the pizza wasn't cheap either. It's a nice restaurant. I think he spent quite a lot in taking me out on my birthday when we are just friends. We are not even that close friends. This is the second time we hang out. The first time, he pick me up, paid for dinner too (I offered to pay him back but he refused).


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  • It's possible he used your birthday as an excuse to take you out on a date. However, it depends on how the conversations went.

    Did he ask probing questions, or keep the conversation light and full of "small-talk"? (If he asked personal and probing questions, that may single an effort to form a connection with you.)

    Ordering an expensive bottle of wine may have been an attempt to impress you, as well as going out for a nice meal. However, the money is relative to the amount of money he makes. So, for example, someone who makes a 100,000 a year will view a 300 bottle of wine differently than someone who makes 30,000 a year, because the 300 dollars is more accessible and more quickly earned.

    Waiting for you is another sign that he is interested. Guys, depending on the type, tend to be self-serving in their behavior. So, going out of him way to inconvenience himself to take you out is a possible indicator of interest.

    Things I'd watch for over the upcoming days/weeks:

    1. Does he begin to ask you increasingly probing questions? Does he share personal details about himself? Or does he keep the conversation shallow?

    2. Does he do the same thing for other people that he did for you?

    3. Does he make any sexual advances toward you? (This could be a red flag indicator that he is pursuing more of a sexual conquest than a personal relationship.)


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  • It sounds really like a date. What did you guys talk about ok the "date"? Also, did he do anything that was not friendly like anytime? When I said not friendly like I mean, did he walk you to your house when it was over? Did he get you a present or something? Does he tease or compliment you a lot?

    Oh and on another note, are you both single? Cuz guys just don't take their friends that are girls out on their birthday alone. Just the two of them.