Ladies, what makes a woman just disappear and stop communicating after a couple of dates?

It's funny to me because we actually 'matched' online through at least two different dating sites. So, to me, I thought this girl must really find me interesting after finding me on two different sites. I took the initiative to contact her and attempt to meet and get to know her. Well, I was successful at setting up a date and met up with her. Seemed like we got along ok, communicated well with very little breaks in between talking. It was a good enough date that I was awarded a second date with her. Really thought it could go somewhere. Especially after asking her of her intentions and letting her know that I was feeling her vibe and like her. She expressed the same and said she liked me also. Second date went very smooth in my opinion. I took her to a restaurant that I knew she would love. It was a Korean place. She just moved back from Korea after being there for a few years; so I knew I made a good choice there. We talked until the place closed down and again, I thought and felt good about everything. But after that night I haven't heard from her since. I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything out the way and offended her during our conversations. If that was the case, I wouldn't think she would've even accepted another date. It's just really weird and confusing that if two people are digging each other that one of them just decides to abruptly halt everything without notice or reason. Let me know what you all think of this. I thank you in advance


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  • lack of interests

    • But even after having shared similar interest? That's where I'm confused. So in other words she basically lied?

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  • Just moved on if she get back to you, she get back to you unless you boyfriend girlfriend. She owe you nothing , you don't owe her anything,

    • Well of course. But that's not the answer to the specific question. Of course any and every guy would result in saying to just move on which I am. Still wanted to know that answer to what was asked though. I'm Not trying to get beat around the bush answers

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    • They are not baloney dude. Girl must like them for some reason to sleep with them. These guy don't sleep with just any girl either. So learn from these guy at least you able get girls compare guy that can't

    • For me i am not to that point yet to get laid on first date with any girl but i did it on first date