Why do people think because you talk down on yourself it means your not happy?

I told my aunt the other day that a girl wouldn't go for me because I'm not one of those high class, suit wearing, rich guys.

She thought It was wrong for me to say, but I'm happy with what I got, and respect a girls decsion if she wants a rich man.


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  • Because you don't love yourself. Who can love you if you even don't? No one

    • Are you dumb?

      I clearly stated i'm happy with what i am and you're saying i don't love myself.

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  • Hmmm. Beats me. What you said I wouldn't even consider it talking yourself down to begin with. I was more thinking along the lines of:

    1 "I am ugly"
    2 "No, you're not everyone is beautiful in their own way!!!"
    1 "No, I am still pretty ugly"
    2 "Gah jeez u must b depressed!!1!"

    Seriously sometimes it seems that when someone isn't happy-go-lucky all the damn time they must be having some kind of mental disorder. It's stupid.

  • I'm as dumbfounded as you are dude. I mean come on people! When are they going to realize that it doesn't mean that at all?

  • She's probably just worried... She probably means well...

    • People who care about you are prone to that sort of thing...

    • i don't need anyones pity.

    • Concern and pity aren't the same thing, some people have it stuck in their heads that you couldn't possibly be happy if you're not with somebody. I seriously doubt she means anything by it.