Okay, so there's a girl I've met with a couple of times and had good times with. She was touching my arm, smiling seemed happy etc.

When we text she is slow in replying (only replies to day texts in evening. then like an hour to reply for further texts). nearly always replies and seems lively and asks me plenty of q's although sometimes disappears completely till I text her another day.

ANYWAYS, she was seeing family last night so I text her:

"Hey, hope you're OK. I was thinking it would be fun if we got something to eat Friday night. what do you think?"

Text this about 8pm and knew id normally get a response about 9ish but nothing. Nothing the next day either. Seems a little rude to not even just say no to be honest.

Just as a pointer, I would call but she has a difficult work schedule and is young at 18 (I'm 24) and a bit shy although very hot, seems to prefer text. She has told me before she's a "dope" when it comes to texting tho.

So, my q's are:

1) is she interested

2) whether she is or isn't, what's my next step? let it go, or send a follow up text being a bit annoyed or just ask whether she got my date request?


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  • hahahaha! yeah she's interested, dude. she's just playing it cool. she doesn't want to seem too keen. it's all a cat and mouse game. I've done this loads of times with guys and yes, I am also very shy. I've left guys waiting for an answer till the last minute. the smart ones who want to keep me interested subsequently respond telling me too late, they've already made plans but maybe let's do something next week. it's all about not appearing desperate or too keen. so whatever you do, don't seem annoyed at her. be nonchalent, be cool, be like hey, whatever. play her at her own game. you've laid your cards on the table now. you just have to wait. don't text, don't call. do nothing! carry on with your life as normal. she'll respond.

    • Right on the mark!

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    • Nah, wait till friday morning. if she still hasn't been in touch by then, in order to advice, you gotta tell me whether previously she was initiating contact with you or were you the one always initiating contact? did it become a routine that you guys texted every day?

    • I always initiated most days. she would always reply but always in the evening when she got home from work even if I texted in day. she's slow at replying. sometimes shed just 'disappear' mid convo but I think this is cos she gets up at 5.30 am everyday to commute for work. I once jokingly asked whether my texts sent her to sleep but she said she liked my texts but she was a "bit of a dope".

      so how do I play this? I really appreciate your help btw x x

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  • Why is a 24 year old chasing a 18 year old. (other than the obvious) 'shy although very hot'. Yeh don't send another text it would seem bitchy and needy given the age difference that would just exacerbate this I mean your in your mid twenties and she is still a teenager. Anyway if you really want to see her wait about a wek and call, texting is bs anyway I try to never do it

    • I know her through my close friend being her older sisters partner. I'm not really one of those people concerned about age. if she shares values and we have a lot in common I don't see the problem. the problem with calling is that its difficult to gauge when to catch her.