Is it possible for feelings to come back?

So a while back, i developed feelings for my best friend. They stayed there for a very long time, but I didn't act on them because he was in a long distance relationship. Then he left for a year to be with his girlfriend, and it killed me, but I managed to forget him thinking he wouldn't be back. Then they broke up because she was very abusive. Now he is back and we talk everyday via Skype with 2 of our other friends. His ex started texting him eventhough she now has a new boyfriend. Anyways he is always laughing at her texts and smiling with her and I can't help but want to tell him to stop. I don't know if it was because I was there to pick up the piecea after his break up. I saw how depressed he was and helped him, and I just dont want him to get hurt. Or if I could have developed feelings again? Or maybe both above all i have cared about him as a friend and support him but i dont want him to get hurt. I dont know if im jealous though


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  • hell with women, absolutely! You weirdos aren't consistent or methodological.
    Yes, it is absolutely possible for those feelings to come back.
    I think you may already be noticing the signs


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  • Yeah it's plausible

    • How do i make them go away if i dont want to hurt my friendship?

  • Feelings dont die... We just bury them in our heart.. . If u look deeply u will find those feelings again. But do u want to?

    • I am not sure. I really fell for this dude and just want to see him happy. I dont want to see him hurt though.

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