Girls, Is planning a holiday away for the week a bit soon to arrange. We've only been together for 3 weeks?


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  • Usually I'd say yes but I feel really fast for the boyfriend I have now... within like a day we were a old married couple it seems. So I don't know... if it's a fling I'd say not to waste your time but even if it's special I'd be skeptical.

    • Now you've reverted me back to my original thinking.

    • It's just hard to say. Every relationship is a gamble. I think if you feel good about it, do it. But if any part of you is feeling unsure. I wouldn't. Take a risk I say, not don't put everything on it.

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  • No, it's fantastic.

    You both are at the beginning of your relationship where things should be exciting and fun.
    Don't let how long you have been together stop you.
    It's not like you're planning marriage here.

    • 3 weeks? I could be an axe murderer! Ha

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    • Yeah but ur question doesn't specify who asked who. Anyway don't worry about it, just enjoy !

    • Fek it. Why not. Xx

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