He initiated flirting but I didn't respond. Should I initiate something now? What should I do to make him know that I'm interested?

He backed me up and cornered me, until I was pushed into the very corner. While watching a movie he put his hands on my legs, but I didn't respond anything.

Should I wait him to contact me again? Or should I initiate something? And how?

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  • Love is like chess! :D

    • how do you mean? each person should make a move? :p

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  • The reason I voted that you should initiate was because what he did was very forward and in fact it bordered on assault a little bit, if you didn't respond it most likely gave the impression that you didn't like it/felt somewhat violated.

    Now if you did like it how is he going to know? He's probably going over in his head how much of a mistake he's made.
    At the same time I don't really think he should have approached things in that way, if someone did that to my sister my blood would boil.

  • If he really wants you, he will try again. If not , he just wasn't that interested


What Girls Said 1

  • You should initiate.