Do you think she showed any signals of her liking me during the date?

so i had my 1st date today, we decided to go window shopping...
Ik this girl a pretty long time since me and her share classes. I think it was fun.
We had so much to laugh about, so hard like damn...
She wasn't afraid to show some skin aswel in the dressing room, we openly discussed her ass, she even asked me while luaghing to stop staring at her ass.(and this was like the 1st time i had this feeling that the whole shop was looking at us, and when i was walking apart all the girls were looking at me lol). We started this fun game called rate the people. We made some good laughs like damn.
So many weird things happened, and like the biggest sign i found, was the fact that she crossed her over towards me and you know the i touch your legg thingy.
Than i said it would be weird to have a realtion, since our mutual was her ex. She said i wouldn't really call it a relation so ye..
What do you think :p

please more opnions...
should i ask for the 2nd date?


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  • She sounds interested in you.

    • specify your answer, darling

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    • Ask her out maybe?

    • like again :p but I don't know she is way inconsinent

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  • Yeah it seems like it specially the leg thingy

    • yeah that caught me to, cause when i brushed it she never pushed back or smt lol and at that point we were laughing very hard aswel (making fun of people ya know :p )

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