My boyfriend's family keep staring at me?

So all his family is white and I'm Asian. We're both 18. Last time when he introduces me to his mom she was like "Awww she's Asian she's sooo cuteee" and his sister (21 yo) was up stairs and was like "I wanna see hold on" and ran down stairs and "Awwww so cuteee and petite" and another sister and brother (one is 25 one is 20) also ran down and stared at me "sooo cuteee". They look at me like an interesting animal in the zoo like they keep staring I felt weird and a little odd. What can I do now I mean they're not staring in the mean way but a curious way I'd say but what can I do now I want this to stop!


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  • "She's Asian?" Why was that even said out loud.

    Sure.. they are going to see your race.
    But why even voice that?
    It means them seem as if they care a lot about color.
    Anyway, they are acting as if they've never seen an Asian person before (that includes not watching TV, magazines, or leaving their home where an Asian person may be).
    I would feel like you... very odd.
    But I'm pretty sure the way they are treating you will wear off.
    Perhaps they are getting over the shock that you are Asian.
    Even though their actions are somewhat offensive... I'm pretty sure they mean no harm since they seem welcoming at the same time.

    • **Correction "It MAKES them seem as if they care a lot about color.

    • Yeah when she said "She's Asian" I feel like someone's at the zoo be like "It's a monkey" and stares :/ I dont think they're racist since they think I'm cute and act very nice but I just hate how they start at me. I haven't seen his dad though if he acts that way too it would be very awkward lol

    • haha. No they're def. not racist it's just that you're different (exotic) to them.
      They were also admiring you.

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  • Meeting someone's family is always awkward

    • I remember meeting some and the parents do stare at me since I also have Caucasian as my preference

    • Yeah it's awkward but at least she should say out loud "She's an Asian" and kept staring :/

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  • It's funny, you're really Asian girl? Why when the white girls try to say "asian boy" cute they don't feel guilt or any shit? It's because Asian guys said this to you feel bad for being considered attractive while the own Asian boys want to have this fantasy for themselves with white girls and have no bullshit?

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    • Wait what? I don't understand what your talking about lol and you wrote a long post it's funny.