What advice would u give to someone who is scared to date again?

made poor choices with guys. made stupid mistakes. I dont know how to select better guys or recognize the mistakes I've made. I've been hurt badly before & told myself that I will never let it happen again but instead of dating "wiser" I avoid guys now. Im scared to get close. I've rejected so many guys over the past year & the main reason is because Im scared. If I feel he's getting close, I ignore his text messages so he stops texting me. I dont wanna be like this forever. Any advice? Plus there's this guy Im pretty sure is interested in me (& I think he's cute) but Im thinking of ways I can turn him down when he ask for my number? What can I say without sounding mean? I just dont think I should date anyone atm being in the condition Im in.


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  • "don't think all guys/gals r da same as yer X"

    • I told myself that before & gave a guy a chance. He was just like the rest except he was worst.

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