Do you think maybe I dodged a bullet with her ?

Girl I was dating, we went our own ways after a month, a few things were in the back of my mind during the time which had me thinking, so I was not fussed either way, definitely as far as a LTR go.
1. Age, 20 she is still pretty young
2. Her childhood bestfriend/ex would still sleep over at times ( he had a partner, but it was still odd )
3. Gets drunk a lot.
4. Hangs out with a lot of her guy friends ( even though she went to an all girls school ) has plenty of female friends too though.
5. High sex drive ( see 2 and 4 )
6. Loves to shit test
I just see these as red flags for a serious relationship, no probs with keeping it casual though

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She prob has histrionic personality disorder too


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  • Just fuck that bitch hard one last time and then leave. Or keep fucking her untill you find someone better.


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  • I don't see any red flags. She's acting like her age


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  • Tell her to stop getting drunk all the time. If she does then she has it under control and puts you ahead of partying, if she doesn't dump her. My wife smoked weed a lot when I met her and that is what I did a month or the first three months, I can't remember the timing but in the first three, into the relationship. We have been married a long time now and she is two feet from me now.

  • There's a lot of bullets flying around out there. You missed one of them.

  • this girls a hoe... also how on earth were you cool with dating a girl that slept with her ex?

    • I didn't care, we were not exclusive.
      I was doing my own thing too, just because he slept over a couple times, was no guarantee they got up to anything apart from getting drunk...
      They split because the sex didn't work at all, and that was a couple years earlier anyway

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    • It is over, just asking the question if I definitely dodged a bullet..
      Fuck mate, don't get so worked up

    • not worked up... i'm sipping a beer watching tv

      i can't really express emotion too well over typing