Girls, Your reasons for acting this way with a Random dude?

So this questions has 3 parts :

A) Why would you approach / give attention to a Random guy in the first place?

B) When you initiate conversation with the random guy, why would start to talk about other guys hitting on you and guys you find attractive , to him?

C) After initiating a conversation with the random guy first , why won't you give any contact to him?

Girls valuable opinion...


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  • Well, I wouldn't. But if in any case I would, it's likely that I'm too bored or he's cute/interesting. If I do talk about guys with him, maybe it's dropping him a hint to say I'm popular, so why isn't he hitting on me too. Most likely if a gurl doesn't give a contact is because she's trying to play games. Well, get the guy to be interested in her and try to find out more about her etc.

    • Thanks :) If you approach a random guy what is the chance you would approach him becoz you feel too bored?

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    • Oh god.. she sounds deprived, like a sexual predator or smth. Totally weird.

    • haha :p

  • Well.. Definitely at first I would talk to him by seeing the way he talks, smells, behaves

    B) probably to make ya jealous. ;)

    C) cuz we don't know each other yet right?
    You could be a serial killer or some?

    • Thanks :) Do you approach a random guy to become friends?