I have a huge crush on my cousins friend?

So I m 15 and a girl and my cousin is 14 and his friend (let s call him r) is 17/18 and we were hanging out the other day (me, my cousin, my friend and his) and I started liking r a lot. R leaves the state sometimes so I can t see him all the time and he s already graduated but if it counts he follows me on Instagram? Haha I don't know what I need to say here but what should I do? Please help:)


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  • He's really too old for you right now. Why not focus on friendship until you're both a few years older?

    • I know he's like 3 years older than me but it doesn't bother me much I guess since I do like him so much. I'm guessing he doesn't mind either since he's friends with my younger cousin and a few of his friends who are also my age. I probably will try to be friends with him but I am looking for something more

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    • Thank you. Sometimes I need to hear that. But when I said that I didn't completely finish the thought so I didn't mean good enough for him to stay I meant good enough as in actions and maybe convincing him to stop what he's doing

    • Well, any time ;)

      It's not up to you try and change his life. You have to accept that he's made these decisions and he needs to be the one to change them. You aren't responsible for fixing his life for him. You have your own life to keep track of.

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