Why do women want to be independent AND BE TAKEN CARE OF?

Why do women want to be independent AND BE TAKEN CARE OF? This is completely hypocritical. If I take care of my women is it sexist to want a sandwich?


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  • Because it isn't actually being taken care of we want: but the willingness of a man to do so because it shows his commitment and love of us.

    Independent because we want someone who believes in us and supports us emotionally instead of putting us down, thinking we are incapable.

    • so then you want to do it and you want him to do it too? so then can a man expect a sandwich?

    • I want him to trust me to do it as much as I trust him to do it. And yes he can expect a sandwich too. And probably a blow job.

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  • What is this question
    No, I'm not doing this today.

    • it is not my fault you are such a hypocrite. Not only do you want to be independent but then you want us to take care of you. How about taking care of us?

  • Lol! I suppose we want it all lol


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  • *laughs until he cries... wipes tears away... laughs some more... ... for a WHILE, then walks away still laughing and wiping under his eyes*

    • hey if you want to take care of them you can. I am not a beta male like you. She wants her own career and wants me to take care of her.

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