I'm not allowed to date and I have a boyfriend. do I tell my parents?

so basically I'm not allowed to date.
I'm a straight A student with a stellar future set for me, my parents think that if I date, I'll get pregnant and won't do what they want me to (like my older sister who gave birth to a child at 20 and is perfectly content with her life). they expect me to be the perfect child.
now, I've been dating this amazing guy for a little over 6 months and it's just really hard not being able to see him now that it's summer break and I'm not even allowed to
go out with friends that much.
so do I tell my parents that I have a boyfriend?
the risks of telling them: they'll take away my phone, they won't let me cheer, they won't let me play soccer. I would never be able to go out or do extracurricular activities, which only affects my college acceptance in the long run since I won't look like a "well rounded" student. but yeah idkk. I believe I should tell them in the hopes that they'll accept him and want to meet him but my hopes are set way too high...


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  • i had this happen to me well it still is my parents want me to be the perfect chiled so i know what your going through i didn't tell my parents which was a mistake they caught me. my mom said that she is so dissapointed in me for not telling her so at least talk to your mom tell her it won't effect you extracurricular activitys make her relize its going to be ok i wouldn't just go up to your dad he doesn't understand like mom does

    • I know my dad won't understand at all. but if I tell my mom, she'll tell my dad and I don't know. should I tell both of them or just my mom?

    • just tell your mom

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  • Sorry I might get harsh... cause I hate this kind of thinking from you parents..
    The thing if you want them to understand you have to stand up for yourself...
    I don't know how old you are... But you tell them
    You know they want you to have a great future and all... But once in a while you have, and you want to do things for yourself, that will make you happy in the instant..
    And ask them if they believe it his right for them to take that away from you.
    And the boy you are dating... It may last long, it may not, which ever way they shall see. Ask them if they honestly never dated anyone at your age... and if they know how it feels like.. On the other side worrying about pregnancy his just overprotection and psycho-dramatic stress due to situation in the family, absolutely doesn't give them the right to restrict you from "dating" if you know what I mean, you may be straight A but you are still a human being for god's sake, tell them that...

    • I was under the circumstances that I had to tell my father today. he said that boys will mean nothing and I have my entire life for them. in their eyes, I'm not allowed to date until I am 18. a lot of other things went down. I have no intentions of breaking up with him, as that is what is expected. he took my phone away, but otherwise nothing's all too bad, I just don't know what to do from here.

  • As long as you're responsible I guess you don't have to, but sooner or later they will find out and it's best to come from you than someone else

    • definitely. I understand that. but I'm completely terrified of telling them, because I'll lose everything I love.

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  • Your in the exact same situation as me, except that you are a straight A student. I don't get bad grades, but I don't get all A's as well.

  • Well you don't really have to right now - but yeah, just make sure that when they find out, they find out from you.

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