I have a date with a guy and I don't know what to do?

ik i'm asking a lot of questions but i'm really bad at dates so i could really use all the advice, thanks.

so this guy on okc asked if we could hang out and we both just scheduled a day and now he asked me what time should we meet. we haven't planned what were going to be doing and i'm not sure if i can make the plans or if he should make the plans (since he asked me out). Would it be too forward if i planned the activity? I was thinking of going to the movies, because small talk makes me extremely anxious and i really hate eating in front of people i barely know (especially guys that i'm attracted to). I know that the movies might not be the best choice since you don't really get a chance to connect with the person, but i feel that if we do anything else, i'll end up getting too anxious and freaking out. Does anyone have any advice on what i should do?


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  • If you are going On a first date from someone who you met in okc you should meet for coffe and talk. And find out who this guy really is

  • You should plan the date #feminismhasfailedus


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