Why do I keep worrying about this one girl my boyfriend used to like?

my boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years now and I am still suffering from this issue. it's not even a real issue... it's an issue i made for myself.

my boyfriend used to have a crush on a girl before I asked him out. when we first started dating I worried he still had feelings for her. overtime he has done everything to assure that he didn't and he's been a perfect boyfriend. the type that's wiling to deal with this dumb problem I have.

I don't know what's wrong with me but I always worry that he will fall for her again but he'll feel bad so he won't tell me he likes her while dating me. it's my worst fear... finding out that he likes her again. if they had actually dated and broken up at least I'd know it didn't work out but because she was a crush of his I wonder... "does he ever think he could've date her instead?"

the girl is very adorable and a sweet girl and I hate her for it. she is also dating a friend that is close to my boyfriend. you'd think after hearing that I'd be relieved but noooooo I STILL worry and now every time I think "does he get jealous?" or when we are all hanging out I worry "is he looking at her?" and i over think everything he does. an example would be when there was a karaoke party and she decided to sing a song and he decides to sing the same song (there was another dude singing with them) but that made me go "why this song? was it because of her?"

if anyone has a solution to my problem it'd be amazing because I am exhausted from all this useless worrying I make myself do...


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  • familiar with the phrase "made something out of nothing"?
    This is what you're doing.
    Chill out before your behavior ACTUALLY scares him away!


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  • Because when there are no real issues to worry about, we start creating our own. You should stop bringing her up, otherwise it's going to create problems.
    He's with you now. He probably doesn't feel that way about her anymore.