What informations does a girl's past Sexual relationships gives about her nature or character?


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  • Nothing really.
    The past is in the past.
    I mean there's exceptions, like cheating... But for the most part... We all do stupid things, some of us grow and change from them, others repeat the past...
    Honestly it's up in the air, I wouldn't turn down a girl for something she used to do when she's truong to make her life better, that's nonsensical to me.
    From my experiance, people who are repenting for past mistakes are less likely to make certain mistakes.

  • Well, if she was loose in her relationships, you would know she would be a lousy wife and is cheap.
    If she was easy - you know she has no self respect - again a lousy prospect for a relationship
    If she had a few men and they were the result of a real relationship then you know her values are decent