American girls, could you imagine living with a Western European or Scandinavian guy?

I'm soleley reffering to these regions in Europe because southern and eastern Europeans are their own kind. - They look different on average, behave differently and have different conventions. (Except Ireland and the UK)

Imagine he speeks English very well and you get along well. Would you try to learn his language too?
( Swedish, Norwegian, Dansk, German, Dutch, French)
You also have the opportunity to get a 2nd citizenshipf if you decided to marry him.

Are guys from these regions more attractive to you than American guys?


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  • I would think most girls would go for guys like that. Plus they would be extremely curious about them and where they live. So i do think most women in the USA find foreign guys more interesting than American guys.


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  • I'd definitely go for it, and if I loved him, I would learn his language. I have some Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, and French in me, so that would be awesome! :)

  • YES YES THEY ARE! I'd go with them in a heatbeat.. so much more attractive and hotter

    • What are they? :D Awesome !

    • And why are they more attractive?

    • Just the foreign nature and the fact of them sweeping off to Europe

  • I would try but I'm not good at other languages

    • He speaks perfect English in this scenario. ^^

    • Okay well I might be attracted to him but nationality doesn't matter to me. I would try to learn his language if he wanted me to

    • The nationalities in this example are : Dutch, French, Belgian, German, Austrian, Swiss, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian

  • I don't think that's the case. You're putting too much thought into it.

    • That's why I'm getting no responses. Thread closed

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