Please help. I have been dealing with depression for 6 months now and I need to get her back to make it stop?

First off, this is not my account but my 16 year old sister's. I am a 20 year old bisexual female that began dating a girl about a year ago. We were in love, and she told me she'd want to be with me forever. But one day she just cut off all contact to me and left, and it came as a shock. When I found her again, about a month later, she was dating a guy who she seemed to be in love with more than anything, just as much as she loved me before. They've been dating since April 1st-ish. Ever since then I've been severely depressed and I've had several thoughts of killing myself, not seriously yet at least but it keeps getting worse. I've tried to date other people which in the end all the relationships crashed and burned, and tried to distract myself from her in every way I can but that's just not working anymore. Please don't respond with "oh she just doesn't love you anymore" or "maybe she's not bisexual anymore". She is still into girls, and I don't care if she doesn't love me, because I can make it happen again if you tell me about what to do, not about what's been going on for the past year and a half.
Thank you.


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  • Firstly you need to stop dating anyone else or u risk making them feel like you are now because your heart wouldn't be in it if its still stuck on this other girl.
    Secondly, she obviously doesn't love u the same as u love her at the moment so don't try and rush or push her in to a relationship. Don't be crying to her and begging her to take u back, as this will just push her away more.
    If you are still in contact then u need to act happy and make out that u are fine now and over her but u want to be friends with her, as this is what you are missing most. Once you become friends then u be the perfect friend and u show her, through actions, what she is missing out on. The spark may return and you may get back together but be prepared that friends might be as good as it gets. Don't pin your every hope on 1 girl because I tell u now that in time, if this doesn't work out, you will meet somebody else that loves u in the way u believe u love her now and then u will know what true love is and this will become a distant memory.

    Good. luck and I hope it works out for u both x


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  • you need a counselor.

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