I'm starting to feel insecure now?

This guy rejected me because at first i didn't wanted to have sex with him. All of a sudden he rejected me few months later because i send him a text but i was being sarcastic with him and just joking around but i already told him i wasn't sexually attracted to him. He starting saying that no one would ever want me like doctors etc (he is a doctor himself) that im extremely stupid, he called me a bimbo, that he has other chicks he is having sex with him and that he is too valuable for me. I dont want him but i felt insecure and thought i was ugly...

am i?

i have pictures



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  • Look at what you wrote there... this guy is resorting to juvenile tactics cause he couldn't get his way. Don't feel insecure because you are being true to yourself, let him throw his temper tantrum and move on.


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  • You should forget about him. He was trying to make you feel worthless about yourself.