Does she really want to go out with me?

The other they i ask this girl out to the movies with me. She likes me and vice versa and all that. I think i waited a little too long to ask her. But when i did she smiled a little and asked if i asked her out on a date. it was a little awkward but she said yes but after wards while we were leaving work she wasn't smiling and wasn't happy and she was like that before i asked her. So did she say yeah because she was afraid to say no.

  • She didn't want to hurt my feelings
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  • She does want to go
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  • Or it's something else?
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  • I really don't think there's anyway you can know right now. Just take her out and show her a great time!


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, I am not really sure, you shouldn't assume anything right now, just go ahead and even after that is she continues not to be happy then you can decide.