What to do about my situation?

im moving next month out of state for school and work. I was dating my really good guy friend. I love our friendship , however we started dating. He knows im moving and we still wanted to do it. We broke up a week ago. His reason is because im moving and it is going to be hard for him to be distant. He doesn't want to be commited because we do not have time for our relationship to grow when we are so busy working. After that he still wants our friendship. It is crazy because he never been friends with his exes. However i want to talk to him about us and told him i have a question. I want to ask him if he would want to come out there and live together when he is ready. I just dont know if he would want that or if im being pushy. He is a clingy guy too , but i just want him to be happy.


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  • The real question is how are you going to make yourself happy?


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