Does it sound like my guy friend is into me?

I've known this guy for the past 3 months or so now - we really aren't that close, but I met him through a mutual friend, so I consider him a friend too. After meeting for the first time, he asked our mutual friend to invite me to his birthday house party. I was surprised as to why and as I asked around, I found out that I was the only girl from the group that he had invited to his house party.

He's always extremely nice to me and spent a lot of money on buying me drinks and food for my birthday. He always seems to ask about me through my mutual friend. I went to his house the other month and my friend had told him that I had been on a date. He kept asking me about the guy I had been on a date with and asked whether I was going to see him again, even asking me personal questions about my ex.

A couple of weeks later, I met him at a gathering again and we started talking a bit. He asked if I wanted to go over to his place again and eat chips (we had done that the last time). He also gave me a beer and asked me several times why I was being so quiet.

Am I overthinking this or could he possibly be into me? I get a vibe from him sometimes, but then again he's usually very nice to everyone. Is he just a friendly person or into me?


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  • Yes, that sounds he is into you...

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