Telling a girl you like her upfront to ask her out on a date - too childish?

Lets say you start talking to a girl (work, school, whatever) whom you regularly see, and this goes on for awhile (1-2 months, didn't ask out for whatever reason). Is it childish to upfront tell them you have a huge crush on them/like them, and then ask them to do something (drinks, movie, etc)?

What I see a lot on youtube/forums is a guy asks out a girl he's been eyeing for quite awhile (by asking to do something), and she replies she has a boyfriend. im not dissing that approach, i just wanna know if a guy can also say "i gotta be honest and say i like you and always thought you were cute. drinks Friday night?" (this is in person btw)

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Want to make it clear that my question is about the wording of how i ask her out and let her know i like her.

basically im asking if its cheezy to say "ive thought you were cute for a long time, wanna get drinks Friday night?"


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  • Yes, if anything that's attractive, so long as you're not demanding her time, but just honestly expressing you're attracted and would like the opportunity to get to know her. At the very least she'll respect you for having the gall to put yourself out there. Of course things are circumstantial and may vary from girl to girl, but in general? Yeah I would say go for it. Worst that happens, she says no, but then you have it out of your system, you know how she feels, and you can move on from there.

    I went out with a guy before, and while I wasn't attracted to him, I did like him and went out with him for a bit to see if I would develop an attraction. While I ended up not, I do absolutely like him as a person and respect him as well. Whereas the various guys who didn't tell me how they felt? They were the ones I perceived as cowardly/childish.


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  • being childish is playing games and waiting not letting her know how you feel. being mature is telling her up front


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  • There's nothing immature about risking taking an L.

  • as long as you aren't afraid of being denied with a likely bullshit reason then nah its fine to do that