Guys, How should a first date go down?

What are typical actions? What do guys like to do? I don't want to have sex. I just want both of us to have fun. Is there anything the girl can do to keep the guy interested?


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  • typical actions that my gf/exs have done on the first date
    holding hands, cuddling up during a movie, kiss (cheek or complete tongue hockey) either is kool
    well yo dudes in general like, sex, food, and entertainment ( talking/movies nd music nd that videogames nd shit)

    keeping a guy interested. Hmm, well if u run out of shit to talk about or sumthin. let him teach u how to do something like play a specific videogame or skateboard or whatever he is personally into. because even if you suck at it, you can both get a good laugh.

    Hope this was helpful


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  • just mention u don't wanna have sex atm, and if he's ok wid it fine,... otherwise cancel it :)