Guys, Do guys have feelings of guilt or regret? Or just no?

My boyfriend recently broke up with me, over a dumb argument. The argument was 50/50 no one entirely to blame but before that nothing was wrong the relationship was smooth sailing. I was a really good girlfriend, I put in effort when needed and gave him his own space. We never argued in person overall we enjoyed eachothers company. So this argument came out of nowhere and was completely dumb and he ended up breaking up with me, saying we argue too much. Which we did have a couple disagreements over text but nothing major but in person we were great, no complications. So anyways the day after we broke up he ends up talking to me saying he didn't want to but he didn't want a argumentative relationship (something we didn't have) but I guess he didn't want any arguments Atall. And then he continued saying he misses me. Cut to a month later (now) we were snapchatting and texting now and then, we agreed to start talking again and remain single and see how things go. So yesterday his behaviour completely changes, I text him asking him if he is free to hangout which he was (he always is) he's unemployed rn, and he said yeah why? I said lets hangout and he said no, I asked why and his only response was because. I was confused and asked why he was being so weird and he said nothing we're just not hanging out, and rudely texted me "Bye" so I'm confused because we have been talking ever since the breakup. And it isn't another girl, he's just acting weird out of nowhere. Will he regret it? And he definitely misses me, he's stubborn that's his problem. Can u see him crawling back to me soon once he realizes he was negative out of the blue? Thanks guys


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  • All relationships will involve some level of arguing. He has to believe in the relationship serving a higher purpose than just how he feels, and you do too. Find that purpose, and dedicate both of yourselves fully to it. You'll want to find ways to keep the peace between one another then. Explain this to him, and that you believe it worth the risk that there may be conflict again. Even so, you two need to keep your egos in check.

    Since you're under 18, it's possible he's just not mature enough for the demands of a stable relationship and you aren't either. Give it time, and let the particulars of the breakup make you wiser.

    In my breakups, only one was due to outside interference putting a hard hammer down. The others were either irreconcilable worldview differences, or else she proved to be a heartless bitch. Of my eight or so exes, one of them was even a criminal. Another feared the Slovakian mafia was after her. I seem to attract weirdness.

    • Thankyou, wow bizzare women haha

    • Exactly. If more than one of them were dead (that I'm aware of), then I'd be a real-life example of what TVTropes dubs the "Cartwright Curse."

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  • My feelings of guilt or regret go towards a few girls I simply neglected ignored or turned down, because of their looks, when I was a teenager. Now I know they were interesting intelligent woman, not as ugly as i thought back then.
    I'm happily married but at least three of them are singles.
    I don't feel at ease thinking about them. One other girl is already dead. I don't know if she ever married ( the obituary wasn't clear about that.)

    On the other hand, my life couldn't have been as good with another woman than my wife. Mixed feelings thus.

  • Yes, most of us regret dating a lot of the girls we dated. We regret not breaking up with them sooner. Many of us regret getting married. I regret forgetting to eat breakfast this morning. We have many regrets. I feel guilty over eating too many calories last night.

    • I didn't mean regret dating me, I mean regret breaking up with me. I was always great to him most even complimented me by saying I was the best girlfriend. So I was wondering if he would regret breaking up with me seen as I did nothing wrong

    • I was being sarcastic, but it's hard to say. Some people feel regret easily. Some don't. I don't regret any of my breakups, even the ones with great girlfriends. All breakups have a reason. Regretting them is asking for trouble and prevents you from moving on.

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  • He very well may come back. Guys feel guilt and regret as intensely as women do expect we bottle it up hard and that makes it worse.

    • Oh really, ok it makes sense now. I just was under the assumption that guys just don't feel guilt. He even said after the breakup that he didn't want to and he misses me but his behaviour has changed. I asked a guy friends opinion and he said that perhaps he feels like if he sees me he'll want me back straight away, but he wants some space instead of just jumping back into things.

  • No we are robots and as such are incapable of love or any other human emotion.

  • You're dating a real loser, I can tell you that

    • I'm not dating him

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    • Oh my goodness forget it you haven't helped me anyway

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