Did I miss my chance or was I reading too much in to this?

I'm 26 I recently took a job at a elementary. There was a guy in food service that immediately caught my eye. And it seemed from his body language that he felt the same. When he saw me he'd get a surprised look in his eyes and glance me up.. But most importantly he was always nice and helpful dropping anything he was doing to help me with dumb things I would ask him. For a while he would exchange looks and awkward small talk 'hi, how are you?, I'm fine, thanks.

I told myself I wanted to be more assertive and instead of being too scared to say anything I would try to see if there could be something, even a friendship. So one day instead of saying hi and bye I decided to take it a step further by telling him about my crazy day. He seemed surprised but nervous and excited to speak to me. The next time I saw him he asked me about my weekend and told me about his.

We started to become more comfortable with each other. He started being touchy with me and joked a bit. I asked him was he doing summer camp this year and he dropped news on me that I really dreaded to hear. He told me that he was taking a new job and would be leaving. I told him that was cool and change was good even though I was crushed.

The last week of school I wished him luck. And although I meant to say he would be missed but it came out 'I'll miss you' .. so much for playing it cool. He said he appreciated the well wishes but told me he would 'be around' and 'back to visit' and 'you'll be here next year, right?' I told him I would. We ended it in a awkward good luck thing and him still insisting it wasn't good bye. I feel awful. I've always thought it was me holding myself back from things and time took that away from me.

He knows where I will be so if he wants to see me I'll leave that up to him. I know there are more fish in the sea and that I'm being silly. I just can't shake this feeling that I should have done more. Help!&nb


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  • i believe he's interested... although y didn't u try get his # or sth? i guess u could stay in contact dat way...

    • I wanted to. I even wrote him a good luck type card thanking him for being so nice and wishing him luck including my contact. But i didn't have the nerve to give it. :/ I'm still so new at this. I was the more assertive one in the situation and I never was in situations like these. A part of me thought he would take me saying that I would miss him as license to ask me.

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    • " He knows where I will be so if he wants to see me I'll leave that up to him. "<---- then if he never comes then it means he's not much interested, so it'd b better 2 move on i believe...

    • Very true. I believe he will come back not just for me but since he has been an employee for several years I believe he will as he said like several times. lol but yes if he doesn't say any th ing to me I'll know for sure. But I'll let it go at least for the summer. Nothing else I can do.

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  • It seems like he enjoyed your company. Does he have a facebook account? Do you have his phone number?

    • That's the whole point. I don't and I thought about asking but I wasn't sure. Social media is a safe way to connect without seeming too personal even if you want to get 'personal' . I should have asked. But even though I didn't mean to say I'll miss him, I'm glad I did. I'm tired of holding back my real feelings and I'm glad he knows I will. Hopefully it will give him more of an incentive.

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