Women , if a guy with a great personality , hygiene confidence in decent shape, outgoing but still got chronically rejected no matter what, then?

What could be the problem? Because I hear so many women claim if a guy has all of these things, he's going to be successful guaranteed.


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  • well OP science has shown most people over estimate their looks/personality in an effort to protect their ego.(dont believe me just look it up) My guess is thats whats happening here. Also you never mentioned anything about your face. are you ugly or really short? yes these things matter. chances are if these things you listed are true and you no girls like you it has a lot to do with your looks. doesn't take a genius to figure that out..

    • That is the answer that I was seeking . Looks matter more than anything

    • no problem brother. women care about looks just as much as men. its true women have a lot more requirements personality-wise but those requirements only matter if they think your "cute" or "hot". most women dont even realize what they doing. They assosicate postive charecteristics/personality traits with men they are physically attracted too and negative ones with guys who they think are ugly. creep, weirdo, loser, etc are words reserved for ugly men.

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  • Potentially too eager, perhaps he's meeting girls who simply aren't interested. Sometimes it's not anyone. Sometimes people just don't click.

    • He's getting rejected immediately and no he's not a eager beaver.

    • Potentially just a lack of attraction. Maybe they're unavailable. Perhaps they don't like how you approach them.
      I know when I was single I'd have days when I literally didn't want to be approached by a guy lol, felt annoyed.

      I don't know what to tell you. Ladies are a mystery, and 90% of the time... dating is random. Shit just happens. There's no guarantee for any of it.

    • The factors are just infinite.

  • I know a guy like that and he had a habit of saying awkward/inappropriate things without realizing it. When he'd get nervous it was TMI City and it weirds people out when you just meet them and you randomly blurt about your jock itch or needing to poop something like that.

  • Going by what I read on GAG he would be called a Beta.


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