Ok should I call it quits with this?

I got catfished for the 7th time should i permanently stop using dating sites. And if i do where do i turn im not confident in my looks to approach a girl and let her know im interested


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  • You need to learn lessons from your experiences. What are some commonalities? Were there any patterns? What sites were you using?

    • Used the same site each time

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    • I dont need a girlfriend ever

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  • Sorry to hear you have been catfished - What about a dating agency, probably expensive though.

    • Dude at 23 im at the point of saying I've tried and its just not meant for me

  • find a real life girl yo

    • Too shy and not confident in my looks man

    • dude, you look fine. you don't have a lebron hairline. you aren't skinny as a twig. you aren't fat as hell. you are better looking then a good 70% of people your age. go find someone fr.
      u CERTAINLY aren't ugly.. so whats to loose?