Asked out girl after spending the night twice, she pushes back on date idea but doesn't say no. How do I save it?

I met a girl outside a bar after it closed and went home with her within minutes. We both had a lot to drink, went home, played Mario Kart, then has sex 4 times until the sun came up. Went over the next night and did the same thing but sober this time and stayed around till about noon talking.

Today we were flirty/talking dirty and she wanted to make a bet on who wins Mario kart next time. I mentioned strip Mario Kart she said "haha oh lord. You get lucky too often" the rest of out conversation is below

M: It's going down tomorrow night
H: Hahah not strip Mario Kart 😳
M: Fine, how are you at bowling?
H: Decent.. Not that good ha why?
M: Because we're going tomorrow at 8
H: Bowling? Haha why bowling?
M: You don't seem too excited about Strip Mario
H: Haha so bowling is the answer?
M: I didn't know you were so anti bowling
H: Haha I'm not
M: Sure seems like it, sassy pants
H: Nope 😁😁

I don't know what to say back. It seems like she does not really want to go bowling but also does not want to say no. I don't want to look soft and cancel the idea. How should I go about saving this?


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  • ignore her.


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  • If you can think of something else to do you can be like ''scratch that, i forgot about ____ lets do that Instead

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