How to have "the talk"?

I've been dating this girl for well over a month now (hung out with her over 10 times and hooked up once) and initially things were going well but I sense she may be drifting apart. We haven't been hanging out and talking as much the last couple of weeks as we use to and seems like she is being very evasive when I try msging her or making plans. It's really starting to irritate me!!
There is a part of me that would like her to stop msging me or just to tell me she is no longer interested so I know for sure. She still messages and will ask me to go to a movie once in a whIle but again... not the same as before.
I want to have a talk with her and know for sure what the deal is. The last girl I had "the talk" with pretty much threw it back in my face and dumped me. So I'm very gunshy about addressing my frustrations with her cause i still like her and I want to pursue it further with her. But I'm at the age now where I shouldn't be wasting time with a girl that is being wishy washy too...
I want to do it in a way I don't catch her off guard or sound like I'm upset...
How do I have this talk with her without scaring her away?


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  • you're right. You are too mature for that game crap so i say confront her and take the full force of the blast headstrong.


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  • Be straight forward, call her or tell her to meet up and say "we need to talk" and if she keeps refusing to see you tell her you tried. It will be a bitchy way but if you can't talk to her text it (i know i know that's really immature and bitchy but you have to reach out to her some how) Maybe try to get in touch with one of her friends and see what she has been up too and if she is busy so if you know she is doing nothing then you know she is just avoiding you for sure...

  • sit her down and talk about it. dont be too serious though.


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