You met someone but neither of you asked each other out until someone found someone else?

So you met someone who you liked within the last 6 months, you think they like you but neither of you have said so. You guys have tried to meet up several times but somehow it never happened due to busy timetables etc.
3 months pass and there is no contact between you two, you are hoping they will get in contact with you.

Then after those 3 months you assume they don't like you, even though you still like them.
You meet someone else after the 3 months and they like you and you like them, even though you still like the other person you hang out and get along well, in fact you have been on several dates.

Then after 1 month of meeting and dating this new person the original person you liked gets back in contact with you and apoligizes for taking so long to reply and wants to make it up to you, they do not know you have been dating someone else and you think they assume you are still single.

What would you do in this situation?

  • Go and hang out with them, date them even though you are seeing someone else. And don't tell either of them
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  • Go and hang out with them, date them even though you are seeing someone else. And tell them
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  • Tell them you are seeing someone else and that you can only be friends
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  • Go with them and leave who you are currently with ( i. e dump them)
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  • Ignore them
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  • other
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  • I personally would ignore the original one and continue to date the new guy.

    A little too late to catch up.


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