So do girls intentionally keep you on the hook?

Do girls intentionally, purposefully, keep guys on the hook knowing they like them but will decide to do nothing with them because they dont want to be mean? Like never initiating a conversation via text always just responding with short answers hours apart. I feel like when ever i have confronted a girl in the past if she was leaving me hanging she'd act like it was a complete surprise that i thought that. Or they'll say 'i didn't know you felt that way.' It still doesn't solve anything. How can girls not know when a guy is interested? So do they do it on purpose?

She's not into you dude. Time to suck it up and go find a girl worth your effort


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  • I think it's pretty cut and dry when a guy fancies me. With that being said, I would tell him how I feel.

    As for the texting... either
    A) she's busy
    B) she doesn't care for texting
    C) doesn't want to text you


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