I'm scared all he wants from me is sex?

I like this guy for just about a year and we have recently got closer much closer. He knows that i am interested in him as more than a friens. He took me with him to a work party about a month ago and since then we are way more comfortable with eachother but he never kissed me when dropping me off so i assumed we went as friends. Anyway lately he has been telling lots of sex jokes and implying having sex and he asked me to come over last night around midnight to watch movies in which i said i couldnt. Our families are friends so i know his mom would have been pissed and i didn't want to disrespect them like that. Anyway he's taking me to a family wedding next week too. So we have never had sex and im a virgin which he knows and hasn't even kissed me on like 6 months no matter how many oppertunities he's had. Do you think he just wants sex? How do i ask him?


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  • In my opinion i think he only wants sex. Because I'm a virgin and I always tell the guys I'm with which make them want me sexually but I always say no. Let him know how your feeling maybe things will change I hope for the best good luck

    • So I should tell him that I feel like he just wants me for sex?

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    • OK thanks!! :)

    • You can message me on Kik if you want @Perfectgirl4510
      Maybe I can help you out with any other questions

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