Is she stepping back, or what?

Is she stepping back, or what?

Been casually dating this chick for a little over a month, weve probably hung out or gone on a date about 6 times, we havnt gotten too intimate apart from some kissing and making out/grinding. Last week we hung out and made out for hours and she was grinding on me, ended up sleeping over and all seemed to end well. I guess im just wondering if this is her losing interest? I mean she did just move into a new place and has been doing some stuff/etc. I guess I just want to see her haha and dont want to wait another week or two. Maybe I should start pursuing some other women, as this really is only a casual thing at this point?

Just curious as to what others think.

How often should I text her? We don't text every day & I want to remain a fresh thought in her mind. Would a text every other day be cool?


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  • If you're interested her you wouldn't be thinking about pursuing some other women. She's just busy that's all.


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  • You might be overthinking about it bro