Guys: Was I too harsh on him?

I met a guy online and we had been seeing each other for 4 weeks now. He's always been a gentleman. He texts, he plans the dates, texts in between the dates, makes reservations, arrives on time for the dates and pays for the dates.

This past weekend, however, he threw me some curveballs. He travels for work often and told me that he would be moving to a far away city with his company in about 1 month. Regardless, he said he wanted to see me and keep in touch. So, we planned to meet again for another date this weekend. He planned the date. At the time of the date, I showed up at the restaurant and he wasn't there. At that same moment, he was sending me a text message asking if we could reschedule because he got really drunk with his friends and wouldn't be able to make it. He apologized via text. I was really annoyed and told him that I was disappointed and pretty much told him goodbye.

The next morning, he called me really early and left a message on my phone apologizing and explaining what had happened and understood if I didn't want to follow up with him. After hearing the message, I sent him a text saying that I appreciate the apology.

And then there was silence. Was I too harsh on him? My thinking was that if he wanted to see him, he would have made it happen. But the curveball of him moving soon also made him not care as much. I am just feeling a bit bad now that I was too harsh with him when maybe I should have been a bit more understanding?


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  • guess he's ashamed of wot he did, and he doesn't have da guts atm seein u :|

    • Yeah. While he was canceling our plans, he texted that this is so embarrassing

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  • If you don't see a future with him or be too hard long-distance - then it might be best to leave it. But at least he did attempt to make contact and explain - that shows character. And hey we all make mistakes -so up to you how you feel about him. by the way - how far away is he moving away?

    • He is moving to a city 12 hours away. We don't even know each other that well. I really liked him and was hoping we could at least be friends but do I want to be friends with someone I really like. Maybe it's best to leave it

    • If you like him and see a future - pursue it. He called you, tried to apologize twice and that shows he cares about you. 12 hours is a bit - but worth it if he's a great guy.

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  • dont bother too much...
    i used to bother too much about such things and it almost destroyed me...
    he didn't bother to get too drunk and stand you up, you shouldn't bother if you were too harsh on him...