Should I pursue this girl hard in the beginning?

I'm quite into this girl. We started chatting some days back, while initially she seemed interested, her interest seems to be dwindling. Should I keep on pursuing her or keep it cool and let her go?


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  • Go ahead, life is to short to not pursue what you want.

    • yes but I don't want to seem too desperate.

    • Then approach her in a not so desperate way? If you don't pursue her then you'll never get a chance at all...

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  • Obviously go for it, if you think something is there then -> don't let her go.

    • yes I've been chatting and texting with her but she doesn't seem much interested in what's happening in my life. It's like I'm always the one who's carrying weight of the conversation.

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    • thanks for the opinion! if you would have answered earlier would have definitely given you MHO... :D

    • Aw it's ok and that's very kind of you to say :)

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  • Keep trying buddy