Should I give up on him?

I've been dating this guy for the past 2 months. We've been on four dates and have a fifth one planned for this weekend but I just don't know if he's as into me as he says he is? He never ever texts or calls or anything (I know he's not a phone kind of guy, he prefers seeing people in person) but even when I text him a question (like I did today) he never replies :/ I've asked him if he still wanted to keep seeing me because I genuinely don't feel he's that interested in me but he says he likes me and does want to see me again after dates we go on, but then he never talks in between the dates :/ He also goes out nearly every night with his friends so it's difficult for us to find time to have a date but when we do I feel he does like me. But then we go so long in between dates that I start to panic :/
I just don't know what to do :/ I know he's not seeing other people and I know he's not using me for sex because the only thing we've ever done is kiss. I'm 20 and he's 22 by the way.

Do you think I should give up on him? I don't want to, but the mixed signals are really messing with my head :/

Just an update, he literally just replied to a message I sent him 3 hours ago that I know he saw :/ My mind is so messed up about him I can't deal right now.


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  • I would think that the best next step would be to talk to him again. Tell him how you felt when you wrote this-- that you want him to talk with you in between dates. He will either be all defensive (the "why are you so paranoid" speech) or he will apologize (probably with an excuse). Regardless he should correct his behavior from that. If he doesn't I would just give up on him. He doesn't seem fully committed.
    I suggest talking rather than just giving up on him since it sounds like you still believe in him and want him to respond. It is possible he doesn't realize how cold he is actually being to you.

    Well, that is my advice. If you need additional help, or I was unclear or misunderstood something, feel free to message me and I'll do my best to help.

    • Thank you :) I think I'll talk to him once more and see what happens :) Thanks!

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  • Automatically I feel like this guy either isn't looking for a relationship right now, or is keeping his options open. Like he's giving you enough to stick around, but not his all. This is ok only if you are ok with things not really progressing at this point in time. But if you are trying to find someone to take serious, I don't think he is the right one.

    • Thank you, this is honestly what I was thinking too. I'm not too pressed about things progressing right now as he's going to America for 5 weeks in 2 weeks but I was hoping once he gets back that it will progress :/

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    • I've been there too, so I can only speak from experience. Hanging on to a guy just because of the time you've invested will be the biggest waste of time in the end. If you're a romantic like me, then I'm sure you're hoping for something awesome to come out of this and to be able to say "yeah we had some rough patches, but I hung in there and this beautiful relationship formed". Lol, dump that now. Guys have a fantastic way of showing their true colors, and when they show you the first time, believe them. At this point, if he's not treating you the way you deserve, he never will.

    • Ya that's exactly what I'm hoping will come out of this but the way he's acting makes me think different :/ He says he does like me so that keeps me hanging on but he doesn't show that he likes me which makes me worry :/ I think I'll say how I'm feeling to him, and if nothing changes then I'm just gonna move on. Thanks for your help :)

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