What happened with this guy?

So I was best friends with this guy back in kindergarten and then I moved but I moved back last year and since our moms stayed in touch we started hanging out again and I started to really like him and I thought he liked me too he would text me 24/7 and every time after I saw him he would say "I had a really great time with you last night 😊" but then in October he posted a picture with him and his homecoming date on Instagram and it crushed me. After that day I haven't gotten another text from him. When I see him in person he will barely even talk to me let alone tickle me and playfully hit me and stuff like that like he did last summer! It's really been bothering me for such a long time and I need to figure out what happened but I just have no idea what went wrong. Did he even like me in the first place? Did he just lose interest? Was it something that happened? Did he just like the other girl better than me? Any ideas on what could have happened would be greatly appreciated


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  • I think he got a girlfriend and she put pressure on him to stop communication with you. Ask him if he's happy with his girlfriend and if not you'd be more than happy to take her place

    • That's what I figured at first but even after they broke up he still wouldn't talk to me. I even tried texting him first and got no reply

    • Stop texting and talk in person. Don't let him walk away. Chase him and force him to explain his actions

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