Should I give up on men altogether?

I feel like every guy I meet is just wanting sex only. If it's not that their talking to two other chicks an me but saying they would only hangout with me. Yet he don't have any initiative in terms of a 1st date or doing something fun. He sees it as oh dates cost money etc. a laid back one doesn't. Coffee an a cake etc.

He asked me what I wanted to do but not cus he cares all that much. It is just showing a truly lazy guy who can't make any decisions for himself. It's such an unattractive trait 😏. He is 23 which I know for a guy it means still mentally very young an immature. Not all but majority right.

I have big boobs an guys only seem to notice my body an care about that one thing like it lasts a lifetime or something. I find it so bizarre. Every guy I've met has lied or pretended then left when they realised its not going to happen. Which shows they are jerks an shallow minded idiots basically.

Guy I've been talking to for over two weeks I think now seems ok but he did say he messaging two other girls. So it's bit of a put off. When he's online an not replying he's obviously talking to them. Yesterday he didn't reply for long yet was online then offline on whatsapp but said sorry left phone at home but can that really be true if he's been online.

I am no fool but I said ok cool. He messages first everyday but should I even be excited when he's probably got a rota for who to message first an probably sends group message. I am even ill an he said oh that sucks you been sick today? I

I replied at 2pm an he didn't say nothing since or ask how I am which to me shows lack of care and thought. As he's even off today from his uni placement as he told me he is. I get if he's bit busy but usually this time of night he's free an I noticed few hours back he has been online. Not heard from him all night. I bet I will get some morning message like morning or how are you. Bit late βœ‹πŸΌit's almost like he messages to keep me about


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  • Set these men straight say look I know your intentions and I know you think I'm just going to give my body to you like that I have respect for myself so if you have any respect for me you would respect that I want to wait and if you are patient to stick around and we happen to form a relationship with one another then I will give you a peek behind my curtains and then some but until then take time to get to know me for me and not just my body if you have a problem with that then no one is stopping you from chasing the next girl tell them to stop wasting time and to upfront about everything

    • Lol thing is I tell them from the get go that it's not going to happen fast an if they want that only go find those type of ladies. An instead of going , the spineless pigs concoct a plan to try trickery an pretend to care an buy flowers an try do what I ask to get it quicker but then when their attempts fail they say it's not gonna work or I am not their type. An no I won't show sneak pics haha. I don't trust social media an men that easily

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    • You will find someone who would be more open to the type of relationship you want if you find someone who shares the same interests

    • Yeah a normal relationship not a rushed one with me focusing purely on the guys needs. Trust and getting to know each other should come first.

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  • I know how you feel. I have pretty much given up on women. Not every guy is like that, just like not every woman is bad either but it seems that people in general both men and women are so selfish these days. Firstly 23 does not mean mentally young and immature for a guy, some guys maybe not all just like some women are very mentally immature at that age to but not all. I do not even agree with the fact the majority of guys are mentally immature at that age. Most guys don't think the way this guys thinks. I think you should tell him that if this is to work out he needs to put a bit more effort in, this may make him mad but it is true.

    • Majority are sorry not all but a lot are it's a known fact. A lot don't want commitment as they are young free an want to sleep around that's common knowledge. im not gonna tell him anything as if he can't see it himself then there's no point truly

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    • LMAO You are being sexist that is why. I am not saying only men are immature I am saying many people are in general both men and women. Haha get it correct. The thing is I think everyone picks the wrong people sometimes, you to. You just don't want to accept any criticism. I also see you have had conversations like this with about 3 men now. It is you with the problem not men and you don't want to admit it. No wonder men don't want to date you and behave like this to you.

    • Not sexist in anyway FYI. Your the guy who can't get a girl so decides to vent at someone. I can see why you don't after looking at your pic an your attitude stinks also. yoir saying majority of men are decent yet you don't know them all to say that. Also I never once said all men are idiots but rethinking it now. an you can say nasty things lol we all know you read someone else's reply an thought you would join in. Girls hate sheep they prefer strong minded men who have their own voice not a person who follows the crowd. Also cowards run when they scared like you blocking me. All these unappealing traits an I can see why your not taken. Not a looker an personality is awful. this site is for advice an now your admitting you just wanted to criticise an make a fight how childish. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­guys like you make all look bad ! judging someone you don't know also hilarious bloody crazy. little boys block the real men talk it out

  • a lot about how men treat you is a reflection of your own personality

    everyone you talk to or know is just a mirror of yourself

    there are tons of guys out there who only want a woman to date and treat well you obviously like men who don't have these qualities which is again a reflection of yourself

    but also every guy wants sex but that doesn't mean they also don't want to date and love you but if a guy wants to date you he will make it very obvious that he doesn't want you as just a hookup

    also guys talking to more than one girl is fine but once you to get in anyway serious i'd say it isn't

    • You can be the nicest person but be treated badly so that's absolute nonsense an a cop out at answering the question. You have your back up as you see me as slandering all men when all I am talking of is my experience. Also the people I know doesn't reflect me as they have their own minds an lives an that's got nothing to do with me as I am an individual person. Yes well guys I am talking of didn't want that. It's easy for you to say there's plenty of good guys but in my experience there isn't an these days a lot are not genuine

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    • and you wonder why guys don't want to date you...

    • Then you come off with that see what I mean. Why did you have to be so vile

  • I would leave too. Why would you want to be with guys you didn't want to have sex with anyway? But of course anyone without the intentions of dedicating themselves to you is immature. you are no more mature then them, especially when you expect them to spend time and effort with no real expectation of return.

    • I was willing to make effort an did. By second date I didn't feel like sex was right an it was too soon barely new the guy. Lol saying you would leave doesn't bother me oh dear. I am mature thank you

    • The second date may be too soon, depending on who you are. Saying I would leave isn't meant to bother you, Its meant to add perspective. The point I'm trying to make is commitment is costly and life-changing. Your intentions are no more valid then thiers, and expectations of commitment are quite big expectations.

    • I didn't expect commitment that soon just respect which the guy didn't have. My intentions were a lot more genuine an valid as this guy tried trickery to get what he wanted which is wrong and deceitful

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  • I honestly think that there is nothing wrong with a guy talking to multiple girls at one time. I think that you should be talking to multiple guys at one time too. However it does seem like this guy is just not that into you. If you want to try to build a more deeper connection try suggesting to talk on the phone with him. Texting or talking online is very emotionless and people can have the same deep conversations with you that they are having with someone else. At least if you're on the phone then you know that you have the guys full undivided attention

    • He said he loved talking to me an wanted to meet Thursday so I'm like πŸ˜• we've never met also so I don't expect him to be all into me at this stage. Didn't say anything wrong with it but felt like crappy cus he's not focused on one but it's his life leave him to it

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    • And if you don't find any other guys that you like just find some guys that you like enough to be friends with

    • I'm ok but thank you though