Girls, she texted me today that she can't go on our date tonight, but would be game next week, due to work and premade weekend plans, should I worry?

She texted me, and it seemed genuine enough to me, and she apologized several times. Her weekend plans are something that's been months in the making so it's not like that's just ignoring me...
That said my guy friends are saying that's no excuse for the last minute (it was 6 hours prior to when we were to meet up) warning.
I guess to give the full story, I'll also add that I initially asked her out a month ago, but she wanted to wait till the semester was over, we only settled on this day 4 days ago.
She doesn't seem to be the kind of person to fake sorries, and from the time we've known eachother, I've gotten the feel she's an honest, caring, albeit distractable person.
What are your thoughts on the situation?
for the record no matter what, I intend on going out with her this coming week, and giving her my absolute best, I'm just curious what others think based on what I've said.
Lol don't worry I'm not the kind of person to downvotes for giving me straight and real opinions.


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  • I really don't think it's anything to worry about. I mean she apologized several times, she didn't have to do that. It seems like her life has been real busy lately and she generally was sorry that she had to cancel. I would feel bad too if me & a guy made plans way in advance i had to cancel. I would apologize several times too. Lol yeah just go out with her and have fun. :) If it starts to become a trend where she cancels a lot then u can be concerned But this is only the first date. :)

    • I definitely forgot to give MHO lol but yeah we totally went out and are still going out on occasion now, even set to meet at a party tonight :)

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    • lol thanks! The party was indeed very fun :)

    • Your welcome & I'm glad. :)

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  • Maybe she forgot about the previous plans, I would take it as a good sign that she has apologized so many times and offered another day that worked, if she hadn't offered another date it would seem more likely that she chickened out or that she had second thoughts about the date.