Should I be concerned she didn't mention she has a boyfriend?

So I've known this girl for about 2 months. I see her a couple times a week and we tease, flirt, and sometimes touch each other. I didn't tell her I liked her or ask her out, but I find it highly unlikely she doesn't know I'm interested. Just a couple days ago she told me she broke up with a boyfriend of three months, which she had never mentioned before.

Do you think it was a little deceptive on her part not to at least bring him up since she knows I like her? I guess on the one hand it's none of my business who she spends her time with, but isn't it a good thing to do to show her faitfulness to her boyfriend? If he showed up one day and I was flirting with her, and then he found out she never brought him up in the maybe 15+ times I've seen her, doesn't that make her look a little deceptive?

If we do end up going out, should I be concerned, or is it normal to not mention your significant other even when you know someone likes you?


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  • she didn't bring him up coz she was thinkin u might lose interest, and don't "chase" her if she was taken. it was a "good" lie bro... lie but not in a bad way.